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Which Class Should I Choose?

Tot Rock offers a number of classes geared towards a variety of ages.  Because young children grow and develop at different rates, we overlap some of our suggested age groups allowing more options for you to choose the best fit for your child.

Read on to learn more about what each class has to offer and contact us if you need some help determining the best class for your child! Please note that we do not always offer every class during every session. Please check here for our current schedule.

Little Rockers
(4 months - 18 months)

This class focuses on exposing children to music and engaging them in a number of different musical formats.  We'll sing songs, move to the music, read stories and practice keeping the beat with different instruments!


At this age children are listening, watching, and absorbing music and sounds in their environment. As children grow you might see them searching for ways to respond to what they hear and relate it to other sounds in their environment.

Rock 'n Rollers
(18 months - 36 months)

This class focuses on our children's response to music and their recognition of melodies and rhythms.  We'll sing songs and move to the music.  We'll try imitating rhythms and melodies on different instruments!


At this age children begin to imitate melodies and rhythms they hear.  They start to recognize whether or not they are matching what happens in the music and discovering how to change what they're doing to appropriately respond.

Preschool ROCK
(3 - 5 year olds)

This class is especially designed for our preschool students, students who have practice working with teachers and following teacher instruction.  We will develop the basic musical skills mastered in previous classes and try some more advanced rhythms, melodies and musical activities!  

We encourage independence for students in this class, but we also ask that parents stay with their children and support student participation. 

Family Band
(0 - 5 year olds)

This class combines elements from all of our classes into a format that is appropriate for a variety of ages. Our smaller class sizes allow our teachers to personalize instruction to each student while engaging the class as a whole. The age group for this class can vary based on the session. 

Current Session Schedule and Pricing